We are blessed and delighted to launch a beautiful Telugu Christian Gospel song

Naa Devudu Naa Deshamunu

The Chosen Team

Singer / Sung by

Rajitha Premsagar

Song Written by

Ps Rajababu Digamarthi Garu

Flute by

Ashirvad Luke Garu

Music Production

Moses Danny

Acoustic Guitars &
Electric Guitars by

Joel Sastry




Mixing & Mastering by

Moses Danny@NRK
Vizag City

Vocal recorded at

Melody Digi Studios,

Special Thanks to

Ps John Moses

Senior Pastor
Genesis Church

Moni Kanth

Chief Advisor to
Singing For The Christ

Anand Kumar VFX

Shiloh Post

Thank You Note

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ and my dear friends,

I’m blessed, honored and overwhelmed with joy to share this beautiful Telugu Christian Worship Song – Naa Devudu Naa Deshamunu // Jesus Love Our Nation – India //. This is the 1st Christian Worship Song officially produced and released by Singing For The Christ (SFTC).

As the co-founder of SFTC, firstly, I would like to thank our Lord Jesus Christ from the bottom of my heart for listening to my prayers and enabling me to discover, produce and release this beautiful worship song.

I thank my dear sister in Christ, Rajitha Digumarthi who introduced this song during one of the SFTC FB Live sessions during pandemic. She sang this song from the depths of her heart and with passion as she wanted to give her best to our Lord Jesus Christ. I would also like to thank Ps Rajubabu Digamarthi garu, father of sister Rajitha, who wrote this song a few years ago, for accepting my request to officially produce and release this song through SFTC. This song took more than the usual time because of the pandemic but Christ worked through each one of us in the team.

I thank my dear brother in Christ, Moses Dany, NRK Accord, a blessed music director from Vizag city, for accepting my request to produce music for this song. Both the lyrics and music compliment each other that gave birth to a beautiful worship song. We envisioned for a simple and lovely worship song that everyone could sing and rejoice in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ!

I would like to thank Ashirvad Luke sir for the flutes that added a beautiful melody to the song. On this occasion, I would like to share that Ashirvad sir has been a guide and mentor when we launched SFTC in 2014 – a gospel music festival. Ashirvad sir presided over as Chief Guest for SFTC Season 1. Today once again, it’s Christ’s will that he is a part of this song, which is our first song from SFTC family. Truly, it’s a divine collaboration.

I thank Bro Joel Sastry for his beautiful work on stringed instruments and Bro Sam for his valuable contribution for this song on the keys. Their work has been a blessing.

I would like to thank my Pastor John Moses garu who has been my spiritual guide and prayer partner for years. I would also like to thank my loving Bro Moni Kanth for his presence, constant support and advise all the time from wherever he is. Bro Anand, a very talented Visual Graphics specialist for bringing my thoughts about the lyrical video to the virtual screen.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my family especially my mother Rajamma Akula grau who introduced Christ to me when I was still a toddler.

Please listen, sing along, rejoice in our Lord and share this song with your family and friends.

Last but not the least, please pray for our upcoming projects for the Kingdom of Christ.

Your brother in Christ,
Krishnam Raju Akula / Christopher
Co-founder & Organiser
Singing For The Christ

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Naa Devudu
Naa Desamunu
— Lyrics

నా దేవుడు నా దేశమును ఎంతో ప్రేమించెను
నా యేసయ్య నా దేశమును ఎంతో ప్రేమించెను

విడువక నా యెడల ఎంతో కృప చూపును

నా దేవుడు నా దేశమును ఎంతో ప్రేమించెను


నీవు పొందిన దెబ్బలచేత
 నాకు స్వస్థత కలిగించితివి

నాశనకరమైన తెగులుకైనను
నేను భయ పడను

నా దేవుడు నా దేశమును ఎంతో ప్రేమించెను


నీ పేరు పెట్టబడిన నేను
తగ్గించు కొని ప్రార్దింతును

నా దేశమును స్వస్థపరచుము
నా ప్రార్థన ఆలకించుము

నా దేవుడు నా దేశమును ఎంతో ప్రేమించెను

నా యేసయ్య నా దేశమును ఎంతో ప్రేమించెను

Naa Devudu Naa Deshamunu Entho Preminchenu
Naa Yessaya Naa Deshamunu Entho Preminchenu  

Viduvaka Na Yedala Entho Krupa Chupunu

Na Devudu Na Deshamunu Entho Preminchenu  


Neevu Pondina Debbalachetha  
Naaku Swasthata Kaliginchithivi

Nashanakaramaina Thegulukainanu
Neenu Bhaya Padanu

Na Devudu Na Desamunu Entho Preminchenu


Nee Peru Pettabadina Nenu
Tagginchukoni Prardintunu

Naa Desamunu Swastha Parachumu
Naa Prarthana Aalakinchumu

Naa Devudu Naa Desamunu Entho Preminchenu
Naa Yessaya Naa Desamunu Entho Preminchenu  

For your information :

  • This song is produced by Krishnam Raju Akula / Christopher, Co-founder, Singing For The Christ.
  • There are no sponsors and donations are not collected towards the production and release of this song.
  • Church offerings/grants/gifts are not used to produce or to release this song.
  • Singing For The Christ is a Christian Gospel Music ministry of Genesis Church - Vizag City lead by Krishnam Raju Akula / Christopher.
  • Please write to singingforthechrist@gmail.com, if you have any queries.