If the bro/sis who writes the lyrics wants to sing they can sing. (We will not pay any amount for lyrics or for singing)

If the bro/sis who writes lyrics cannot sing then we (SFTC) will decide on the singer. (We will not pay the singer).

We (SFTC) will finalise on the Music Direct based on budget.

We (SFTC) will produce only Lyrical Video. We will not show or display any photographs of singers or musicians in the video. We will only show names. 

Before the Lyrical Video is released, we (SFTC) will release a small promotional video with the photos and names of the singers, musicians and entire team. 

The Lyrical Video will be released officially on SFTC YouTube Channel. 

After 30 days, the singer or lyricist (based on mutual agreement if singer and lyricist are different, outside of SFTC) can release their own personal video on their own YouTube Channel. The only requirement will be, in the video they should mention/display Music Director By <Music Director Name>  Produced by Singing For The Christ.

If the song has to be translated or produced in another language then the other party has to take official permission from the Lyricist and SFTC. They have to take official permission if anyone wants to use the music track for recording the song in other languages. 

An official document with the above terms and conditions will be signed by the lyricist, singer, music director and SFTC Co-Founder. Copy of the Contract will be given to each party.  

Last update: 7 July 2022