Singing For The Christ — is a team that consists of young Christians, primarily from Vizag city who are passionate about praising and worshipping Christ. #SFTC is not a Church or don’t adhere to any denomination. It consisting of — singers, musicians and technicians who come together to praise and worship our Living God — Jesus Christ.

The main aim and vision of #SFTC are to organise Christian Gospel Music Festivals whenever possible. #SFTC is not governed, funded, supported or sponsored by any church, Christian organisation at both nationally or internationally. However, #SFTC will be willing to receive support for organising gospel musical events but the support should be only in terms of arrangements like — venue, sound, food/refreshments, lighting, printed campaign material and media productions. #SFTC strictly doesn’t accept support in the form of cash. #SFTC does not raise funds on behalf of anyone. #SFTC is non-political and non-secular organisation..

All the core team members, singers and musicians who join us for the event are not obligated or forced in any way to be a part of the team, the event or any ministry including Genesis Church. Anyone can join the team on a voluntary basis during the event. Members are expected to be an integral part of the team and maintain a good brotherly and sisterly relationship in the presence of our Lord Jesus while working towards glorifying our Lord Jesus through praise and worship.

Singing For The Christ — does not certify its team members including musicians, singers and technicians with any recognisable and affiliated certificates. We might occasionally give “Thank You” certificates as a token of gratitude and appreciation for volunteering and supporting.

Singing For The Christ — would never compete with any Christian organisation or events or does not indulge in populism. We honour, respect and are willing to help and support other Christian events when it is feasible and when time permits.

If you need any further clarification, information or have questions regarding #SFTC then please feel free to contact the co-founder and president Krishnam at singingforthechrist@gmail.com

#SFTC — Singing For The Christ

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Updated:  26 June 2022